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Aircraft[edit | edit source]

Aircraft units can fly over all ground obstacles and cannot be targeted by most armor units. The only type of mine they can trigger is the Anti-Air Mine.

Base Unit Elite Unit
AH-1 Cobra Elite AH-1Z
AH-64 Apache Elite AH-64
OH-58 Kiowa Elite OH-58F
Harbin Z-9W Elite Harbin Z-9W
Kamov Ka-50 Elite Kamov Ka-50
Mi-24D Hind Elite Mi-24D Hind
MQ-8B Fire Scout Elite MQ-8B Fire Scout
UH-60 Blackhawk --------------------

Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor units are ground vehicles. Most cannot target air units. All armor units will trigger the Anti-Armor Mine, but only Heavy Armor will trigger the Anti-Tank Mine.

Light Armor[edit | edit source]

Light armor units are mostly wheeled vehicles, though the M1064A3 Mortar is a notable exception.

Base Unit Elite Unit
BMP-1 Elite BMP-1
BRDM-3 Elite BRDM-3
BTR-90 IFV Elite BTR-90
Gaz Tigr Elite Gaz Tigr
HMMWV --------------------
M1064A3 Mortar --------------------
Nimr Elite Nimr
Stryker ICV Elite Stryker
Truck Bomb Elite Truck Bomb
Mercenary Unit
Mercenary BRDM-3

Heavy Armor[edit | edit source]

Heavy armor units are mostly tracked vehicles.

Base Unit Elite Unit
M1 Abrams Elite M1 Abrams
M109 Paladin Elite M109A7
M2 Bradley --------------------
TOS-1A Elite TOS-1A
T-90 MBT Elite T-90 MBT

Infantry[edit | edit source]

Infantry are troops moving under their own power. Many can attack air units. Infantry are vulnerable to most forms of attack, but will only trigger the Anti-Infantry Mine.

Base Unit Elite Unit
Combat Engineer Sapper
Javelin Gunner --------------------
Machine Gunner Elite Machine Gunner
Mortarman Elite Mortarman
Rifleman Elite Rifleman
Sniper --------------------
Stinger Gunner Elite Stinger Gunner
Mercenary Unit
Mercenary Stinger Gunner